Important Notice:
Children under the age of 4 may travel without a ticket as long as they do not occupy a seat.
Travelling on public transport with a contactless bank card means always having a card ready to use without any previous registration or purchase and without having any knowledge about the fare system.
To everyone with a contactless bank card, although it is aimed mostly at tourists and other occasional users of public transport in Porto.
Metro do Porto
  • Purple Line (E): Aeroporto, Senhora da Hora, Casa da Música and Trindade stations;
  • Lines A, B, C, D and F: Campanhã, Bolhão, Campo 24 de Agosto, São Bento and Aliados (city centre stations).
  • It is only valid for customers who board at the above-mentioned stations.  
  • 500 Line (Praça da Liberdade - Matosinhos/Mercado)
No. Only on validators identified with the following image

Each journey costs €2.00 and is valid for 1h15m on Metro do Porto and STCP, regardless of the number of boardings in that period at any of the above mentioned stations and stops. 
If the customer realises 4 or more journeys in one day, the most advantageous fare applies, with a maximum limit of €7.00, equivalent to a daily ticket.
Bring the contactless (physical or virtual) card close to the validator and wait for a success message accompanied by a green light and a beep.

Please always remove your contactless bank card from your wallet before approaching the validator.