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Title of Operation - Capacity building of collective public transport (TPC) in the Metropolitan Area of Porto (AMP) through the development of new management tools for procedural rationalisation.

Operation Code - POCI-05-5762-FSE-000166.

Operational Programme - Competitiveness and Internationalisation Operational Programme.

Fund - European Social Fund.

Beneficiary Entities - TIP - Transportes Intermodais do Porto, ACE (Leader), MP - Metro do Porto, S.A. and STCP - Sociedade de Transportes Colectivos do Porto, S.A..

Total Investment - 1.110.995,07 Euros.

Investment Financing

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per Beneficiary

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This operation aims to optimise and improve the efficiency of the main processes of management and contact with customers (also referred to as beneficiaries) of collective public transport (TPC) in Porto Metropolitan Area (AMP), through synergies with other public services and supported by management tools to be developed, which will take advantage, whenever possible, of common and interoperable technological infrastructures, with a high impact on reducing context costs and encourage/increase use of public services, namely collective public transport.


The Operation comprises 4 activities:
  • Re-engineering of the client Management process(es) - includes the development of tasks associated with adapting and implementing the General Data Protection Regulation;
  • Implementation and validation of the management tools/TIC that will enable the optimisation of the processes to be intervened - through the development of the Portal for the submission and validation of qualification documents for beneficiaries, the issuing of simplified invoices with NIF (Taxpayer No.) in automatic vending machines and the implementation of a dematerialised solution for issuing and managing notices;
  • Implementation and validation of the Business Intelligence solution;
  • Promotion and dissemination of the operation.


This operation was applied for in partnership between the three beneficiary entities (TIP/MP/STCP). The tasks related to the empowerment of beneficiaries and issuing of simplified invoices with NIF are exclusively assigned to TIP.

The empowerment of beneficiaries is being implemented in the schools of the University of Porto, as shown in the images,
The latter, concerning invoices, is already implemented and duly certified, and is in the process of optimising processes.

The implementation of a solution regarding notices is a task shared between MP and STCP, the remaining tasks being distributed among all the beneficiary entities.


Porto Metropolitan Area
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Portal for submitting and validating beneficiaries' eligibility documents.

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