ALWAYS! When you start a journey, when you change line or transport and whichever your card is. You can validate your ticket a maximum of 10 minutes before starting your journey.

- Monthly ticketes must always be validated.
- Bring close to the validator only the card or the App you want to use for travelling.


On trains and subways, use the existing validators in the stations.

On buses, use the validators at the entrance of the vehicle.


Approach the card less than 10 cm away from the black circle of the validator.

If a green light comes on, validation is correct. You'll hear a sound and can read on the validator screen the balance remaining on the card.

If a red light comes on, the validation is not correct. You'll hear a different sound and can read a message on the validator screen indicating the reason. To read the message carefully, hold your card for a few seconds in front of the black circle on the validator.